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Rehabilitation About Second Chances

You could imagine how it could feel if you have not been down that road yourself. Imagine having to lose everything after years of abuse. Substance abuse, in this case. You lose your job. And because you have no steady income, nor is there any prospect of you finding meaningful work given your condition. And bit by bit, you even sell off all your material possessions so that you can feed your crazy habit. Until the day comes when you are left with absolutely sweet nothing. Those at the rehabilitation facility harahan could possibly tell you a story or two.

rehabilitation facility harahan

And some of these stories could be quite harrowing indeed. In actual fact, you are not likely to. Such stories should be best confined to the group therapy sessions which should be under the control of a qualified facilitator. One wrong word said, and one misunderstood quote could easily set off a fragile patient in the wrong direction. And bang goes the therapy process. It becomes a case of having to start right from the beginning. Months of hard work unravelled. Any caring rehab therapist might wish to tread rather lightly.

Perhaps half their work is already done in giving encouragement to those who would like to get better. They may have already been told in no uncertain terms that the moment they are admitted for rehabilitation is the moment when they start to get better. They are, let’s just say, encouraged not to be discouraged. There is no shame in coming forward with a problem. It has turned your life upside down. It may well have hurt others as well. But all has already been forgiven. Which is perhaps why rehabilitation therapy is all about enjoying a second chance in life.