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How Dangerous Is The Mosquito?

Do you want the shortest possible answer to this? Or are you prepared to put up with academic peer reviews and medical and science reports that go into great length the magnitude of the dangers this insect poses to both the animal kingdom and the human race. This short introductory note on mosquito control hampton sorties sort of falls in-between if you like. The shortest possible answer that could be given to this important question is that the mosquito has the potential to be extremely dangerous.

There are underlying reasons for this. See how seriously the mosquito control technicians take their work and you begin to appreciate the magnitude of the dangers that mosquitoes pose for humanity as well as the animal kingdom at large. At this stage, it is well-known that migrating mosquitoes could be carriers of the malaria virus. But it is fortunate that most public and private hospitals do have a vaccine for this virus.

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But to compound matters, it becomes a lot more challenging perhaps to treat those who may be bitten and go on to display allergic reactions, any number of which the patient may not recover from. And now there is this. Currently, no public or private health institution has vaccines for what most people have come to know as the novel Corona virus, otherwise referred to as COVID-19. But how does this virus relate to the mosquito?

In history, it has been proven that mosquitoes have carried previous versions of this virus. And not only mosquitoes, but ticks and fleas as well. It would appear that there is nowhere left to hide. But that is just so not true. Insect infestations, if they cannot be exterminated, can at least be contained and controlled.